Sunday, 18 September 2011

Unsigned Review: The Furious Horde

The Furious Horde

Ruptured Souls - Vocals/Guitars
Awake - Bass
Josiah- Keyboards
Mortiroth - Guitars
Lazarus - Drums

Essex, England

Symphonic Black Metal

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Dimmu Borgir
Cradle of Filth

Current Release:
Instigation EP (2011)

It is difficult to imagine a black metal band hailing from the rather chavvy shores of Essex. After all a major aspect of black metal is the inspiration it draws from the harsh, yet beautiful landscapes which surround its artists. So it is even more impressive that The Furious Horde have captured the harsh and raw spirit of black metal, despite being surrounded by chavs and concrete.

The most impressive aspect of The Furious Horde's sound is that they've managed to capture the most important ingredient of black metal; the harsh production. Their sound draws upon such influences as Mayhem and Darkthrone's early works, reminding us of an era where the emphasis was more focused on the mood and ambience of a record rather than making it sound polished. The keyboards add depth to each track, and in some places producing a rather demented and creepy atmosphere. There is definitely Dimmu Borgir influence, particularly on the track 'Crimson Ice', but the rawer edge gives way to a rather intriguing sound. Ruptured Souls' vocals wouldn't sound out of place on a Mayhem or Cradle of Filth record, and it is definitely one of the strongest aspects of the Furious Horde sound. None is this more obvious than on the delirious 'Come Hither', which has a Dani Filth-esque edge which creates a very sinister tone. The Furious Horde have taken a dated sound and turned it into something intriguingly eerie.

Rating: 5/5

The Furious Horde won Metal 2 The Masses 2011 and will be performing at Metal Camp 2012!

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