Thursday, 4 November 2010

Album Review: Kylesa - 'Spiral Shadows'

Spiral Shadow
Review Guide:
1-      Pile of w**k
2-      Average
3-      Good
4-      Excellent
5-      Sabbath-style classic
The term ‘selling out’ has always aggrieved me somewhat. It simply means more people are buying and listening to bands music, and to me, as long as the music doesn’t suffer or become watered down then ‘selling out’ doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. Georgian band Kylesa have, since their inception in 2001 they have been a band lurking in the sub-genre where they were slightly restricted with what music they could produce. When this happens, you need to spread your creative wings and learn from other styles of music.
In their last album, ‘Static Tensions’ (2009), Kylesa decided to incorporate psychedelic elements and they had finally found their mix of sounds. Fast forward to October 2010 and ‘Spiral Shadow’ and you have a band that has improved drastically. The production on this album is touching on perfection; with the duel drumming utilised to really give a sense of space and grandiose. The guitar sound is crisp and sharp, and the vocals (particularly those of Laura Pleasants) really stand out. The rifts in opener ‘Tired Climb’ hit you like being punched on the nose by The Hulk, whilst ‘Don’t Look Back’ is a gorgeous song reminiscent of bands like Pixies. ‘Spiral Shadow’ is definitely one of my top 5 albums of the year.

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