Monday, 15 August 2011

Unsigned Review: Dirty White Trash

Dirty White Trash

Sin - Vocals
Lyxx – Guitar
Thrusty – Bass
Crash – Drums


Sleaze Rock

You’ll like this if you like:
Motley Crue
Steel Panther

Current Release:
‘Life in the Redlight’ (2011)

Yearning for good old fashioned balls-out metal? Then look no further than Dirty White Trash, whose brand of sleaze rock hails back to the days of Motley Crue (minus the daft make-up and women’s clothing). Every track on this album harks back to those good old 80’s, where rock and metal was about getting laid and having a good time.

Dirty White Trash formed in 2007 whose sole aim was to convince us that 80’s rock n roll wasn’t dead. Fast solo’s, kick-ass drums, leather and making sure the volume went up to 11; Dirty White Trash embody the sound and spirit of 80’s rock and metal. Opener ‘Breakin’ Down The Walls’ is a fast-paced rock n roll anthem to get your head banging and moshing around like a loon, whist ‘Get Dirty’ is, as its name suggests, an altogether more dirty, sleazy affair. ‘Hollywood Honey’ is reminiscent of Motley Crue-style glam rock, whilst still retaining an air of individuality. The bass on ‘Queen of Sleaze’ is toe-tappingly delightful, and closing anthem ‘Freaks N’ Weirdos’ is the perfect way to end a very impressive debut. However, the sleazy goodness of Dirty White Trash should definitely been seen live. So look out for these guys when they come to a town near you! Just lock up your Mum’s and sister’s first!

Rating: 4/5


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