Sunday, 22 May 2011

Band of the Week: Periphery (Roadrunner)

After being introduced to Xerath the other week and becoming totally addicted, i decided to seek out more bands associated with the Djent movement currently sweeping through metal. Periphery were formed in 2005 by guitarist Mishar Mansoor. As with many musicians in the modern world, Mansoor slowly gained a reputation via the internet, mainly for his audio production which he carried out on his home computer. Between 2005 and 2009, Periphery worked with vocalists Jake Veredika, Casey Sabol and Chris Barretto, gradually moving from a Meshuggah-influenced sound to a more ambient, melodic sound, with a focus on innovative production. Their current-self titled release is impressive not only for its innovation and unique take on the Meshuggah sound, but because is was the vision of one man who was determined to break the mould within metal.

Periphery will be playing the Bohemia stage at Sonisphere on the Saturday. You can find tickets via   


  1. A good choice there Sarah & as you know i'm really excited to see them at Sonisphere. Hopefully they won't disappoint!

    They've just brought a new E.P. too and it's pretty immense :)

  2. I think they'll sound even better live than on CD, so i'm quite looking forward to it! Hopefully they won't clash with anyone. Ooh is the EP on Spotify or Grooveshark?

  3. It's on Spotify but it might be on Grooveshark too.