Sunday, 29 May 2011

Unsigned Review: Orias (Sweden)

Here is my first unsigned review, the rating systems will differ to the other reviews. I will rate as follows:

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Anthony Berlin: Keys
Gianluca Delle Fave: Guitar
Nico Lauritsen: Vocals
Alex Littorin: Bass
Niklas Cvetkovski: Guitar

(Seeking New Drummer)


Symphonic metal

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Current Release:
Recording EP

The symphonic metal genre is one of those Marmite genre's: you either love it or you find it incredibly annoying. Some bands find it difficult not be classed as 'cheesy' and are forever labelled as a 'party band'. The few bands that do make it can spend tens of thousands of pounds polishing their music and using the world's best orchestra's. So, where does that leave those bands just starting out? In a very difficult situation indeed.

Orias hail from Sweden, one of the 'homes' of heavy metal. On my first listen to the song 'Last Tear' I was taken aback, not only by the shear professional sound but by the emotion dripping from every note and word sung or played. It is hard to believe that these guys are just starting out. Vocalist Nico Lauritsen pours everything into his performance, as if it was his last duty on earth; drawing you in. The orchestral elements add great depth to each song, especially in 'Last Tear' where they pull on your heartstrings. It is difficult to believe that it is not the London Symphonic Orchestra stepping in but founding member Anthony Berlin on keys. Orias are currently recording a full length EP, and I for one cannot wait to hear it. There is so much potential surrounding this band, that give them a real orchestra and a couple more years and the sky's the limit!

Rating: 4.5/5



  1. *Applauds* Gotta love Orias :)

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words=)

    /Nico Lauritsen

  3. They are words well deserved Nico! Feel free to use this review in the future! If u could 'Like' my Facebook page as well that would be great :)

  4. Pimping? Moi? *innocent face*