Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tuomas (Nightwish) Meeting: Feb 2011

I was just going through my photo's and found the Tuomas one's i took when i interviewed him with Carol Walker ( It was such an amazing day, i'll never forget it! Now i know some of the Escapist regulars would have seen these, but i thought i'd upload them cos they mean a lot to me!

Above: Tuomas looks through his present :) Thanks to everyone who took part, he was extremely touched.

Above: LOVE this photo, always makes me giggle! Tuomas thought i was recording him, bless.

Above: Escapist founder Carol, looking much more composed than she felt inside :P

Above: Myself and Tuomas! Thanks for the opportunity Carol, i'll never forget it!

You can find the video interview and a transcript at this link -

BEWARE: These photo's are MINE and are NOT to be taken without permission from this Blog.

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