Thursday, 21 July 2011

Unsigned Review: Aperion (Slovenia)


Zala Hodnik (Vocals)
Crt Birsa (Guitar, Vocals)
Dani Telebar (Bass)
Nejc Kola (Drums)
Martin Bezjak (Viola)
Samo Dervisic (Cello)
Tinka Muha (Flute)
Ziga Birsa (Didgeridoo)


Folk/Power Metal

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Current Release:
‘Act of Hybris’ 2010

Female fronted metal bands are so prevalent these days that one could almost say that quality has been lost to quantity. With bands such as Nightwish dominating the scene, it can be difficult for bands of a similar sound to get noticed. Aperion are odd combination of folk and symphonic metal, the product of a band trying to stand out in an already saturated genre.

With eight band members and a Didgeridoo, one could accuse Aperion of trying too hard to stand out. However, even though their sound isn’t mature yet there is a definite spark of promise. The vocals are sublime and are one of the reasons their latest release ‘Act of Hybris’ stands out. The production is very impressive, although there are times when the sound of the viola and flute overpower the rest of the sound. Also, the combination of folk and symphonic doesn’t seem to work at some points and sounds as though they haven’t quite deciding what their sound should be. Saying that, the added elements of the viola, cello, flue and didgeridoo (an odd inclusion for folk metal, but hey) all work together to give depth to this album. It is a very impressive first release; all Aperion need to do is find the sound that is right for them. The folk elements seem to be the strongest, and with a little bit of work their next release will be one to look forward to.

Rating: 3.5/5


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