Thursday, 21 July 2011

Unsigned Review: Windfaerer (New Jersey)


M. Gonçalves – (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)
JP Andrade – (Drums)
Valček – (Violin)

New World, New Jersey

Black/Folk Metal

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Black metal takes its influences from everything that surrounds it; people, places, landscapes and culture. It is ‘locally grown’ music, and the type of black metal played tends to vary from country to country. For example, Nachtmystium are inherently black metal, however their themes of violence and drug taking are in keeping with their US heritage. The Norwegian bands like Mayhem and Burzum however talk strongly of religion, persecution and nature; influenced by living a cold, mountainous and extremely Christian part of the world.

Windfaerer is the vision of M. Gonçalves who is heavily influenced by his Luso-Hispanic heritage, and has been inspired by the history, myths and landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula (see, i bet you wished you listened to your geography teacher now). This means ‘Tribus’ is a very personal record, and it is clear that great love and attention to detail has been taken over it. The folk elements stalk away in the background, creating an enchanting atmosphere. It is nice to see a black metal band who hasn’t gone down the ‘i love Satan’ route, and Windfaerer have gained more respect because of it. The production is spectacular, and if you listened to this with the bass turned up it shakes your house off its foundations. ‘Tribus’ is a triumph not just for black metal, or underground metal for that, it is a triumph for M. Gonçalves and his loving interpretation of his heritage.

Rating 5/5



  1. You should see them live. They just stand above all the local bands I have seen them play with. A band you definitely want to see and follow. Hands down my favorite local nj band.

  2. I'd love to see them live! I can imagine their music translating very well to the stage. Shame the Atlantic separates us :(