Friday, 15 July 2011

Festival Review: Sonisphere 2011: Day 2 - Biffy Who?

Day 2:

Venturing out of my tent at 11am to see Sylosis on the main stage seemed, at first, to be a foolish thing do to. Having drunk too many ciders the previous day, my head feel a bit delicate to say the least. Still, after a bacon & egg butty I’m ready for some metalcore action! Now, I’m not a fan of all. In fact, it gives me the shivers. But i must say, i was pleasantly surprised by Sylosis. I witnessed them at the Golden Gods Awards 2011 and wasn’t impressed; however, today they seem to have found new energy. And if you weren’t awake before their performance, you surely are now!

For some reason my most anticipated band of the day is Richard Cheese...don’t ask me why! But his unique way of turning out most beloved metal tunes in lounge music certainly intrigues a lot of metalheads enough that the Saturn Stage is rammed at 11:35. ‘People = Shit’ is probably my favourite one of them all, wouldn’t it be great if Slipknot did Richard Cheese’s version tomorrow night? Err well, maybe not! Richard Cheese is a classy and eccentric front man. At one pointing jumping off the stage to greet the front row, finding the only man at the festival with a Lego man and declaring “Why have you bought a Lego man to a festival? I think you need help Sir”. Fantastic!

Skipping Gallows to get some lunch, i then head up to the main stage for my yearly dose of Cavalera. Having resigned myself to the fact that an original line-up Sepultura reunion is never going to happen, the Cavalera Conspiracy is the next best thing. Playing classic Sep tunes like ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ and my personal favourite ‘Refuse/Resist’ has satisfied by Brazilian metal craving for the day! Heading over to the Bohemia stage for my daily dose of Djent-ness i notice a problem. The stage is small and the demand to see Periphery is high. People are pushing past security and pole vaulting barriers...this should be interesting. Unfortunately the sound is rubbish, and my first Periphery experience isn’t all that positive! Come back to the UK guys! It’s the same story for Gojira; a band who i saw kick the crap out of Bloodstock are suddenly in the midst of bad sound and a small stage. Come on Sonisphere, you were doing so well!

Deciding I’d rather pull my own ears off rather than see the emo fest that is You Me At Six and All Time Low i head off for a beer. As it has chucked it down for most of the afternoon, the arena area the is a mud fest. But this doesn’t deter us from heading over to see The Mars Volta. Hmm, maybe not! These guys are the most hyped band of the weekend, and they don’t live up to all! Soo, what now? I’d rather not spend time watching Shitty Clyro, so i had over to the Bedroom Jam tent to see Watain. Having brought so many candles that the tiny stage is becoming a fire hazard, Watain have clearly once again spared no expense for their live show. It’s good to see a bit of black metal adorning a stage at Sonisphere, and it’s far better performance that what is going on on the main stage! Just take a look at what someone thought of Biffy...

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