Thursday, 2 June 2011

Unsigned Review: Meadows (UK)



Charlie Kilshaw - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Moore- Guitar, Vocals
George Newnham- Bass, Vocals
Jack Newnham - Drums, Vocals

Sudbury, Suffolk

Crust, Stoner, Thrash

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Municipal Waste

Current Release:
Four track EP currently available via the band's bandcamp profile.

I was first introduced to Meadows a couple of months ago when my band shared the bill with them at a tiny venue in Ipswich. To say I was impressed by them was an understatement; they provided an energetic and relentless set which had me hooked from the the moment they played the first note. With a nod towards the early stoner stylings of Mastodon and Kylesa, and the mad thrashers Municipal Waste, Meadows offer something different to the underground community. 

It is hard to compartmentalise this group; are they crust, stoner or thrash? Or are they an unrelenting combination of all three? I say it's the latter! Opener 'The Head Of Henry Grey' hits you like an enormous thrash train, with fierce rifts and even fiercer vocals. 'Earthhorn (10,000BC)' is distinctly leaning towards crust, and coupled with the vocals sounds like early Mastodon. Which is a hefty compliment to a band who have only just released their debut EP. 'Plough' is bass heavy monster, with thunderous rifts contrasting to slower doomy sounding tones. 'We Are The Last' completes the job, with doom laden guitars and those ever present fast paced sounds cutting through.

The overall mix of the EP is extremely professional, and makes Meadows sound more than a mere unsigned band, credit goes to Paul 'Hobopope' Rhodes for the recording, mixing and mastering. Meadows are a regular on the underground gig circuit, and I would strongly recommend you check them out...NOW!

Rating: 5/5

Paul 'Hobopope' Rhodes:

Meadows: (Where you can listen to the band's EP)

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  1. Cool review Sarah!

    I was really impressed with Meadows when we saw them too and the same with their new demo...the recording sounds immense! Definitely puts some of my productions to shame lol.

    I hope they go far :)