Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Album Review: Pain of Salvation - Road Salt 2

Pain of Salvation are a band that have been very influential to Progressive Rock & Metal musicians, whilst also at the same time have been widely overlooked to audiences from either genre.

Pain of Salvation are a band that like to take chances on their audience stylistically, although most of the band's albums stay away from long songs which is a typical trademark for Progressive Rock. Pain of Salvation have always been acknowledged as a Progressive Metal band and yet on this dual-part album 'Road Salt', the band have gone down a more accessible Classic Rock route.

The main difference between 'Road Salt 1' & 'Road Salt 2' is that, 'Road Salt 2' has a slightly darker sound that also shows some reflections from earlier albums, which to fans having disliked 'Part 1' for the change in style, will warm to 'Part 2' more.

Pain of Salvation have always been a band to strongly focus on a lyrical direction and the words and the message of the band are as important as the music. 'Road Salt 2' is no exception and here vocalist Daniel Gildenlow has dubbed the 'Road Salt' albums a pseudo-concept, that aren't portraying a typical story but are instead loosely based around the notion of making tough decisions. 'Road Salt Part 1' is about asking the questions and 'Road Salt Part 2' is attempting to answer those questions.

Daniel Gildenlow is the true star of Pain of Salvation and he could well be one of the most emotive vocalists around in rock and metal today. Gildenlow always challenges you with meaningful ideas on 'Road Salt' and each song conveys a great depth of emotion and soulfulness. The only downside to this album or the Road Salt duality is that there seems to be some of the progressive magic missing from past albums.

You can catch Pain of Salvation on tour with Opeth this November!

Rating: 7/10

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