Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review (Unsigned): Sacrilegious Throne

Sacrilegious Throne

Awrath (Vocals)
Horkos (Guitar and Bass)
Drums recorded by John Watt (October File)

East Anglia, UK

Symphonic Black Metal

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Dimmu Borgir

Current Release:
'Acts of Apostasy' is out NOW!

Black metal was a genre mainly confined to our Scandinavian counterparts; they seemed the only race capable of producing the cold and unrelenting sound that would make even Lucifer quake in his boots. However, bands like Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir have spawned an unholy bastard in the shape of the UK’s very own blackened tyrants Sacrilegious Throne. If you want to know what the apocalypse feels like, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what their debut release ‘Acts of Apostasy’ feels like.

It is the sheer grandiose and over-the-top production that first strikes the ear. The unrelenting and abusive wall of noise conjures a disturbing and uncomfortable atmosphere, the likes of which Dimmu Borgir and co can only dream of. ‘Spreading the Swam’ and ‘Creating Eternal Darkness’ are the strongest songs on the album, spawn both fear and cruelty from within. Possibly the most refreshing aspect of this band is that they have not relied on corpsepaint and the devil to sell they sound as a black metal outfit. It is the music that does all the talking, rather than the aesthetics. It is what the sound summons in the imagination that is the most disturbing characteristic of this band. One can only imagine what devilish styling’s these guys would showcase in a live setting. This band needs to be heard to be believed.

Rating: 5/5


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