Sunday, 16 October 2011

Review (Unsigned): Cast Iron Crow

Cast Iron Crow

Jake Navarra
Sam Gouveia
Ryan Long
Joseph Evans


Grunge/Psychedelic Rock

You'll like this if you like:
Alice in Chains

Current Release:
'First Edition' will be available on on the 8th November

Grunge was a sound largely restricted to the 90’s (with a few obvious exceptions) and many would argue that the genre died when Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain decided to re-decorate his walls in 1994. Despite many a metal head declaring grunge the ‘metal killer’ of the 90’s, it would be foolish to assume that none of these bands have an influence on the generation of alternative musicians of today.

Cast Iron Crow hail from the sunny shores of California, an unlikely place for the depressing, downbeat stylings of grunge you might think? Err, well no is the short answer. With a nostalgic sound akin to the face melting rifts of a ‘Facelift’ era Alice in Chains, Cast Iron Crow also bring grunge bang up to date. Vocalist Jake Navarra has a style reminiscent of the late, great Layne Staley whilst still having a great range which makes CIC’s sound unique and intriguing. The strongest song by far is the excellent ‘Mindlapse’, which despite being fundamentally grunge has a psychedelic edge which is a delight to the ears. The fantastically rift-laden tone of ‘Beyond the Brain’ has a slightly Black Sabbath-esc edge to it, giving an unusual, but unique sound into the picture. ‘Brother’ and ‘People of Clay’ are examples of a  band who, despite their youth and lack of experience, are competent song writers who obviously have a love and passion for their music. Listening to Cast Iron Crow transports you back to a time where grunge and alternative music dominated the airwaves and where experimentation was encouraged (not frowned upon). This is an impressively professional, talented and unique band that i for one can’t wait to hear more of in the future!

Rating: 4/5


Check out the video for their first single ‘Mindlapse’:

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