Friday, 21 October 2011

Review (Unsigned): Killed The Fixtion

Killed The Fixtion

Nelson Ceron (Vocals)
Kevin Izquierdo (Guitars)
Robert Asencio (Bass)
Abbad Ibn Townsend (Drums)

New Jersey, US

Heavy Metal/Hardcore

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Current Release:
Their latest single 'Pulse' is now available to download on their Facebook

Their latest single ‘Pulse’ is now available to download on their Facebook
One of the great draws of heavy metal is, of course, the unique and uncompromising music. But metal is also a band of brothers who all share a common interest: METAL!! As a result of this, metallers find a combined sense of identity and a way of escaping any negative aspects of their own lives. So you feel you’re not alone, that you have millions of companions who have your back. This is very much true for New Jersey brothers-in-arms Killed The Fixtion. Stating that members were involved with gangs in their youths, Killed The Fixition’s mission is bring a sense of fun and positivity into our otherwise dull and sometimes depressing lives.

Such honesty is refreshing, and their music does exactly what their mission statement suggests. It is clear that, whilst their music is by no mean ground-breaking, these guys are having a blast with the music they’re creating. Release an aggressive three song demo in 2010, KTF (impressively) went on to support modern thrash metal titans Evile. The demo itself is an impressive collection of feel-good, hard-hitting and uncompromising thrash-laden tunes. Their latest single ‘Pulse’ has a sludge feel about it. The vocals are reminiscent of a ‘Black Album’-era James Hetfield; with the bass heavy elements make your brain shake in your skull. Yes, the sound is stuff we’ve heard before and won’t be breaking new ground, but should that matter? Each member loves what they do, and they’re having a fucking good time.

Rating: 3/5

Website: (Where you can listen to their excellent new single ‘Pulse’)

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