Friday, 21 October 2011

Review (Unsigned): Otis Reaper

Otis Reaper

Jay Murchison (Vocals)
Ben Price (Guitar)
Madison Clifton (Bass)
Cres Murchison (Drums)

Jackson, US


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Current Release:
Self-titled EP is now available on their Facebook via Heavy Voltage Records.

It is clear that many bands (particularly on the underground circuit) are yearning for the musical days of yore. Where attitude and enthusiasm mattered more than polished production, where fans flocked to underground live shows in someone’s awful, sweat and rat infested basement to go mad to the latest disgusting sounds. Those days are largely behind us now, but some bands are dedicated to bring that old school sound right back at us!

Otis Reaper is such a band, and despite songs that largely sound very similar to one another, their attitude is unmistakable. The guttural vocals of Jay Murchison are evocative of the old school black metal era, which collide with the sludgy, doom-tinged guitars and bass ala Kylesa. The resultant sound is an unusual and intriguing collision of the old school black metal and the modern sludge movement. Despite my earlier comments about over production, the mix does sound quiet and the drums a tad muddy. Despite this, Otis Reaper have concocted an interesting sound which is definitely worth a listen (or two).

Rating: 3/5


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