Thursday, 2 June 2011

Band of the Week: Mors Principium Est

Band of the Week: Mors Principium Est 

Mors Principium Est were formed in Pori, Finland by Jori Haukio, Jarkko Kokko and Toni Nummelin; shortly joined by drummer Mikko Sipola. Losing the three founding members and going through more line up changes than Cradle of Filth could dampen any bands spriti, but MPE carried on to record their debut album 'Inhumanity' with Listenable Records which was released in 2003. Second album 'The Unborn' was released in 2005, follwed by 'Liberation=Termination' in 2007. An excellent example of symphonic metal done properly! Give them a listen...NOW!


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