Monday, 6 June 2011

Unsigned Review: Gran Toucher (UK)

Gran Toucher


Sam – Guitar
Edd- Vocals
Morrish – Bass
Johnny - Drums

Exeter, UK


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Current Release:
‘Human Cull’ demo

Grindcore is one of the smallest genre’s within metal and, some would argue, the hardest to access. Fans like grindcore for the gory imagery (think Cannibal Corpse meets Hellraiser), blast beats and indistinguishable vocals. Exeter based Gran Toucher do exactly this, and boy do they do it well! ‘Human Cull’ is an album full of surprises, something that you do not necessarily expect from a grindcore band.

The first surprise is a big one: it sounds fricking awesome! The production on this album is first class, so most of the praise on this demo goes to sound maestro John Hurst. It sounds incredibly professional, with opener ‘Barely Hominid’ hitting you like a giant hammer. The bass on the oddly named ‘Colonic Asphyxiation’ blasts through your speaker.

The second surprise is the menacing element vocalist Edd provides. Rather than being your run-of-the-mill ‘pig squeals’, he has a deep, threatening voice which put ‘Gran Toucher’ a head above the other grindcore bands out there; however, the potential of this band has not yet been realised. It is very easy for bands to take the easy route, and play only within the confines of one particular genre. This could limit their direction and ultimately hamper their performance, and i hope Gran Toucher will exploit their obvious talents; pulling together elements from other genre’s to add more depth.

Having said that, this is a professional and exciting first release! 

Rating: 3.5/5


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