Thursday, 9 June 2011

Album Review: Gallhammer - 'The End'

Gallhammer - 'The End'

Gallhammer have gone through many changes in the past year, both professional and personal. With the departure of guitarist Mika Penetrator in 2010, and front woman Vivian Slaughter moving from Japan to Norway to live with Maniac (Skitliv), many of us are wondering whether the title of this album is more than a hint.  Maniac’s influence can be heard on almost every track, but rather than losing their identity it has gained them a new one. Rather than fill Mika Penetrator’s shoes, the remaining members made a bold decision not to include guitars at all on this album. The result is the feeling of slowly suffocating in a tar pit, very, very slowly. The creepy, almost childlike vocals in ‘Aberration’ and the screeching Saxophone in ‘108=7/T-NA’ add another element to this album. The combination of fast thrash in ‘Entropy G35’, to the dirge like the 12-minute anthem ‘Wander’, Gallhammer prove their critics wrong; they are not just a novelty act. Whether this is ‘the end’ for Gallhammer, they have definitely gone out on a high.

Rating: 7/10

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