Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Unsigned Review: The Ciem Show (US)

The Ciem Show


Ciem – Guitar/Vocals
Christopher Marti – Bass/Guitar/Baritone Guitar
Gregg Rossetti – Guitar/Saxophone/Keyboards

(Currently seeking a drummer)

New Jersey, USA

Experimental/Progressive Metal

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King Crimson
Devin Townsend

Current Release:
‘Lifelike Scenes’ (Deaf Locust Productions)

Progressive metal is a genre that has exploded onto the scene, and not only has it produced some of the most iconic bands in metal (Dream Theater, Opeth and Symphony X to name but a few) it has also made progressive music ‘cool’. No more dancing goblins or keyboardists in shiny cloaks, just unique, experimental music which has bridged the gap between two very different styles of music.

The Ciem Show hail from the mighty shores of New Jersey in the US, and have managed to produce a sound reminiscent of 70’s prog but with a modern, metal twist. Vocalist Ciem has a Scott Walker-ish aura about him, and the guitar work in ‘Scene III: Derealisation’ provides an eerie, sometimes unnerving atmosphere reminding our ears of early Burzum. Probably the strongest track on the album is ‘Scene IV: Anamorphic Sleep’, with a main rift that Meshuggah would be proud of, yet still having the atmosphere of ambient bands such as Ulver. ‘Scene V: Effects of Somnambulism’ has one of the creepiest tracks I have heard, sounding like a deranged fairground ride it immediately makes the listener feel uneasy. Then, after the solemn ‘Scene VI: Theme for Lost Children’ comes the Ziltoid-era ‘Devin Townsend’ style ‘Scene VII: Shattered Self-Reflection’. This is an incredibly professional and grand sounding release, and The Ciem Show have so much potential. I, and all of you, should be very excited about where this band will go next!

Rating: 5/5


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