Friday, 17 June 2011

Unsigned Review: The Obscene (UK)

The Obscene



Tom - Vocals

Chris – Drums
Garry – Bass/Vocals
Jonny –Guitars

Durham, UK

Old school death metal

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Morbid Angel
Cannibal Corpse

Current Release:
‘The Torment of Sinners’ EP

Black metal and death metal; two genre’s which, since their inception, have been polar opposites, even enemies at times. It is unusual for a band to incorporate elements from both these styles and pull it off. However, Durham based deathsters ‘The Obscene’ have done just that. The aesthetics resemble that of the first wave of black metal (e.g. Bathory). However, when the sound hits your ears, it is reminiscent of the old school death metal bands such as Death and Morbid Angel, with a hint of Cannibal Corpse brutality.

Describing themselves as ‘raw, ugly and uncompromising’, The Obscene do exactly what they say on the tin. ‘Beyond the Hold of God’ is a perfect combination of those black and death metal elements, with vocals ranging from the deepest dirtiest rumblings to creepy Death-era Mayhem shrieks. ‘The Final Silence’ is pure uncompromising death metal at its best, its brutality and rawness is evocative of ‘Butchered at Birth’ era Cannibal Corpse. The production whilst professional still has that dirty, unpolished edge that is characteristic of old school death metal. This EP has the spirit, rawness and dirt of death metal and is the soundtrack to war.

The Obscene are currently signed to Pest Records

Rating: 4/5


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